PlanWell Enterprise: Primary Users

Who Uses PlanWell Enterprise?

By Trade

By Function

PlanWell Enterprise Users – By Trade Details


Owners/Developers sometimes provide content, but frequently direct the use of the system by their architects and contractors. Most owners will not use the ordering system very much at all, but will derive tremendous cost and time savings on the project itself through its use. They also benefit enormously from the administration and control functions built in to the system.


Construction Managers

Construction Managers often provide the plans in the planroom or manage their use. The document control and administrative features in PlanWell Enterprise help facilitate the oversight, cost containment and productivity issues that most CM’s are responsible for.



Architects/Designers can be document providers and document users. Enterprise is frequently used during design&development to distribute sketches, consultative documents and submittals to a variety of users. Designers also frequently use PlanWell Enterprise for archiving purposes.


Project Architects

Project Architects can be document providers and document users with Enterprise. Drawings for use in the construction phase of a project can be posted and made available to other project team members, while drawings from consultants, engineers and others can be ordered to facilitate planning, workflow and construction.



Engineers are usually document users, though sometimes are also document providers. As important decision-makers for the project team during design & development and construction, the easy availability of drawings to view and order can frequently increase productivity and get critical information to the rest of the project team.


Project Managers

Project Managers can be document providers and document users. using Enterprise often speeds up information access, and ensures the right drawings go to the right people at the right time.


General Contractors

General Contractors are often both document providers and document users. PlanWell Enterprise is useful and cost effective in both the bid and build phases of construction to increase and control access to plans and specifications.



Subcontractors are usually document users. As team members they can access and order drawings quickly and easily in bidding situations or during the build phase as directed by the contractor or PM.



Consultants are nearly always document users. Consultants of all kinds can access and order drawings quickly and easily for review during design & build, the permitting process, or for specific work during construction itself.


Non-Construction Professionals

Non-Construction Professionals can be document users or document providers. Many corporations use PlanWell Enterprise for document viewing, ordering and distribution outside of the construction field. Manuals, educational binders, retail and point-of-purchase graphics, and more can be posted to Enterprise to derive the benefits of access, control and distribution efficiency our construction customers receive every day.


PlanWell Enterprise Users – By Function Details

Document Providers

Architects, GC’s, owner/developers or construction managers can be document providers, in the sense that they supply the documents to the reprographer and direct the use of the documents. Typically, these are the people who use Enterprise’s features to track and administer the document collection. Document direction occurs through active communication with the reprographer, and over the Web through PlanWell Enterprise itself.


Document Users

Anyone can be a document user on PlanWell Enterprise. In most planrooms, 90 percent of the activity is document users logging on to view and order plans. Typically they are project team members such as project managers, administrators, contractors and subcontractors. They use PlanWell Enterprise through a Web browser.


Reprographers/Document Managers

Reprographers make up the bulk of Document Managers. It is the reprographer who scans or digitally converts drawings to the digital files that are used on Enterprise. The reprographer also manages the database that is used to manage the document collection and its users. The reprographer uses a variety of digital and communication tools to accomplish these tasks, including a PlanWell data entry console, large-format reprographic equipment, e-mail, and the resources of the PlanWell Data Center.