PlanWell Identity – General Info & Login

The name PlanWell is a parent brand to simple planrooms, turnkey construction documentation systems, job submission software, and even a trade association.

The name and logo are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and protected by international copyright as well.This has been done to protect the integrity of the brand, and to ensure that its representation reflects the high standards under which these products were developed.

The following standards are for your use. They are presented here for two purposes:

  • To ensure that you get the most value from the brand by representing it in accordance with its accepted levels of quality and clarity.

  • To help you acquire approval from PlanWell Licensing to use the brand and individual logos as a part of your promotional materials and efforts.

PLEASE NOTE THAT WRITTEN APPROVAL IS REQUIRED to use the logo in your promotional material. The process is simple and short and instructions are available upon login.

At the time of this writing, PlanWell used as a parent brand carries the ® mark. If you have logos on file that show this symbol with a TM mark, please update them with those provided.

PlanWell Enterprise, PlanWell Professional, PlanWell PDS, PlanWell OnSite, MetaPrint, and the PlanWell PDS Network, all currently take the TM mark as shown throughout this guide. The TM is an indication that they are currently being registered with the U.S. Patent&Trademark Office, and various other regulating authorities around the world.

Good luck in preparing your materials. We are excited and curious to see your work!