PlanWell Spring ’09 Release

New features and powerful enhancements make PlanWell more intuitive, more convenient and easier to use for all your document management needs.

The latest PlanWell feature improvements include:

More Powerful and Easier-to-Use Address Book: Now create custom fields to efficiently organize and track your contacts.  Build your PlanWell address book according to your unique needs. Easily create groups, add to a project invitation, or send emails based on customized fields.  Searches become simpler and faster.

Automatic Matching of Bidders to Your Trade Packages: Easily assign trades to packages to automatically assign packages to a recipient during the Automatic Print Order (APO) creation.

More Intuitive User Interface and Simpler Navigation: Convenient enhancements like drop down menus, page view customizations, contextual help, and a cleaner design makes PlanWell easier to use, and eliminates steep learning curves. Customize your screens to match your most challenging project workflow. Organize and quickly access the tools that you use the most.

Enhanced BidCaster Capabilities: Enhanced capabilities include Automated Contact Selection, Package Trade Assignments, Auto-Select Contacts by Package, and Auto-Select your Automatic Print Order recipients. Now easily send APO packages in paper, CD or digital download. Choose preferred contacts to receive pre-paid plans. Powerful Estimating Software Integration and Customizable Contact Field Creation Capabilities gives you powerful new document management tools.

eTakeoff Plan Viewer Integration: PlanWell now features integration with a popular estimating package available – eTakeoff Plan ViewerTM. eTakeoff enables users to perform five takeoff calculations in the same amount of time it would take to manually perform one.

Customizable Field Creation Capabilities: Five new custom fields have been added so you can customize contact records any way you need to. Enter Region, specific Minority codes, License info, Bonding Info, or any other custom information your project requires.