Project Management Intersects Collaboration

Powerful collaboration. Cost-effective project management. With PlanWell Collaborate. No hardware. No software. No training.

  • Project Portal

    A project portal for easy team collaboration.

  • Outlook Integration

    Outlook integration captures relevant email communication.

  • Project Dashboard

    Quick dashboard views on the status of your projects.

  • Team Networking

    Easily capture and catalog team communication.

  • Notifications

    Easy and effective distribution of project information.

  • Direct Publish

    Files are easy to manage, retrieve and distribute.

  • File Viewer

    Expensive applications are not required to view important files.

  • Markup and Redline

    Online edits and changes are easy and tracking revisions is automatic.

  • Version Control

    New files versions are automatically tracked and distributed.

  • Check In/Out

    Get a complete history of file check ins and check outs.

  • Change Control

    Important files can be locked from editing.

  • Project Accountability

    Automate activity tracking and create audit trails.

  • Project Calendar

    Synchronize tasks with the project team automatically.

  • Tasks

    Easily automate team tasks and activities.

  • Project Images

    Track project progress via image archives.