PlanWell EWO: Features

Multiple Service Offerings

Almost all of your reprographers services can be accessed through the PlanWell EWO. While each reprographer can configure their own service offerings, the most common services found on the EWO are: large-format black & white reproduction, large-format color reproduction(including finishing), small-format black & white (including binding) copying, small-format color reproduction, traditional reprographic services, and ordering supplies.


One Order, Multiple Jobs

Several jobs can be specified and uploaded simultaneously to your reprographer from the EWO. No separate work orders for each piece of a larger project. Color, black & white, large format or small, the easy-to-use interface makes it simple to get all your production details right.


Delivery Options

The PlanWell EWO allows you to set the quantities and distribution of your order through a simple matrix that combines contacts from your online address book with the number of pieces you want delivered. You can even add recipients to your order (and your Address Book) on the fly. Your reprographer can handle the logistics – wrapping, shipping or delivering – so you don’t have to.


Address Book

If you distribute your documents to others, simply import your contact database into PlanWell EWO’s address book and you’ll never type in another address. You can set contacts up with ordering privileges or specify them as recipients only. You can even send email to one or more contacts in your Address Book right from the browser.


Set Order Defaults and User Privileges

You may set default online ordering options for every service your reprographer offers through the Account Preferences tool. Since a large number of options are normally available, pre-defining these defaults can speed up your ordering process even more. User privileges are handled in the same way. You can allow anyone in your Address Book to order all services, some or just one, depending on their needs.


Comprehensive Order History

The PlanWell EWO tracks every order and its details, so re-ordering is a snap. You can choose to view any previous order by number, job name, service, date and more. It even keeps track of what was uploaded so you may re-upload the file you originally sent.