PlanWell EWO: Overview

PlanWell EWO is an electronic work order available online from your reprographer. The next time you need to order, reach for the mouse and your internet browser instead of reaching for a paper order form or the phone.

From the EWO homepage you can order any service or any product your reprographer carries with a few clicks of the mouse. After specifying what you need, a simple upload process puts your digital files in the capable hands of your reprographer’s production staff.

Use the EWO for any digital reproduction job:

  • Large-format black & white
  • Large-format color (including finishing)
  • Small-format black & white (including binding)
  • Small-format color

Upload jobs to the PlanWell online planrooms
Any supply order
You can even specify production options and schedule a pickup for hardcopy originals!

If you already use PlanWell Enterprise with your reprographer, the transaction will be even easier with the familiar and easy-to-use interface.