Pure Cloud Collaboration

PlanWell Collaborate is an intuitive, cost-effective cloud project collaboration application designed for Project Managers in AEC.

  • No Training Required!

    With Outlook integration, users can work entirely in their email as they collaborate with the team. Eliminate concerns about learning complicated new software. Users simply open email to see vital project documents, meetings, tasks and events.

  • Accelerate Knowledge Transfer

    Real time communication and accurate dissemination of critical project information with PlanWell Collaborate means projects start faster, less mistakes are made, and project teams access the most recent and updated project documents.

  • Increase Team Productivity

    Centralized control of project documentation gives companies deep insight into project tasks. Automating document updates eliminates communication delays and makes document searches fast and simple. Handoffs are more efficient, and the continual search for project information is simplified for the entire team.

  • Accessible, Accurate Project Information

    Project teams share, access and manage project documentation in a secure online environment with PlanWell Collaborate. Virtual or extended project teams are guaranteed to be on the same page as all project information and communication is stored in a central repository. Files are automatically tracked, and team members are notified real-time of critical document updates.

  • Pure Cloud Collaboration

    PlanWell Collaborate is pure cloud collaboration. With no hardware to purchase, no software licenses to administer, update or track, and a low monthly fee, PlanWell Collaborate quickly connects project team members so projects start faster and document searches are painless.

  • Do More with Less

    By improving project coordination and making critical project information available in real-time, PlanWell Collaborate allows AEC Project Managers to do more with less. By making team collaboration more efficient, and automating the tracking of project tasks and deadlines, Project Managers using PlanWell Collaborate are able to manage more with less stress.

  • Easy to Learn, Easy to Scale

    Project management gets complicated if only a part of the project team is using the collaboration software. With an intuitive interface and customizable set up, PlanWell Collaborate flexibly matches any project workflow. Easily add project team members as required. Virtual team members access vital data as easily as the team at headquarters.