PlanWell PDS

PlanWell PDS: Overview

Get the right plans to the right people at the right time.

Distributing plans and specs through your reprographer is fast, painless and easy with PlanWell PDS.

  • Simply point your browser to your PlanWell PDS reprographer's page and enter a username and password.
  • Choose project documents from a most current set to create a customized document bundle, or select a set you built earlier.
  • Pick from a list of your project team members to create your distribution.
  • Tell your reprographer how you want the documents produced and delivered by choosing from a menu or typing in a few instructions.
  • Then submit the order.

And what's even better, you didn't have to dig out a work order, find a fax number, or wait on the order because someone didn't have the information they needed to print and deliver it. A record of your order is on file and available for your review, so in a pinch, you can find out when orders were placed and for whom. And as long as you had access to a computer with an internet connection, you didn't even have to be in your office!

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