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Can I order anything online?

Almost any reprographic service can be ordered online, though offerings will vary depending on your market and your reprographer. The most common services found on the EWO are: large-format black&white reproduction, large-format color reproduction(including finishing), small-format black&white (including binding) copying, small-format color reproduction, traditional reprographic services, and ordering supplies.


How do I get my originals to the reprographer?

Digital files are sent to the reprographer via a simple uploading application built into the EWO. You can also schedule a pickup for hardcopy originals, and specify the method and timing of their return.


Can I order more than one thing at a time?

Yes. Multiple jobs and multiple services can be ordered and uploaded in a single order.


How much does it cost to use the service?

The service is free. The only charges are for the services ordered.


How do I pay for the order?

Customers with accounts will be assigned permissions to charge to the account. One-time or infrequent orders can be charged to a credit card.


What software do I need?

No special software is required. All you need is a current version of a Web browser.


What's the difference between PlanWell Enterprise/PDS and EWO?

PlanWell planrooms are used to manage, view, order and distribute jobs your reprographer has on file. EWO is used to submit one-time orders, small jobs or any order you might make over the counter where you supply originals files. You can, however, use the EWO as a tool to upload files to your reprographer for placement in your PlanWell planroom.


What kind of security is employed with the EWO?

Credit card transactions and data transmissions are all protected by 128-bit encryption and SSL (secure socket layer) protocols. Security certificates are acquired from Verisign. All this adds up to security equal to or better than most online-banking services.


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