eTakeoff Plan Viewer Integration

eTakeoff Plan Viewer Integration

PlanWell now features integration with a popular estimating package available – eTakeoff Plan ViewerTM.

Subcontractors who view your project may choose to view the drawings with the free eTakeoff tool, eTakeoff Plan Viewer Basic. This tool will allow them to accurately measure:

  • Areas
  • Lengths
  • Item Counts
  • Perimeters

eTakeoff enables users to perform five takeoff calculations in the same amount of time it would take to manually perform one.

The measurement tools allow users to get precise measurements of up to 1/1000 of an inch. It easily increases quantity takeoff items and costing accuracy, and shortens bid response times.

e-takeoff functionality within PlanWell can also be increased by upgrading to the Pro or Premier editions.

eTakeoff Pro version adds the ability to save measurements and annotations, display them in various colors, list the measurements and easily transfer them to other applications.

eTakeoff Premier does everything the Pro version does and adds the ability to organize measurements and annotations in layers, calculate quantities based on multiple measurements and compare drawing versions.

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