Feature: More Powerful and Easier-to-Use Address Book

Feature: More Powerful and Easier-to-Use Address Book

Now create custom fields to efficiently organize and track your contacts. Build your PlanWell address book according to your unique needs. Easily create groups, add to a project invitation, or send emails based on customized fields. Searches become simpler and faster.

New PlanWell customizable views include view by 'Company', by 'CSI trade', and 'Classic View' by individual.

You can now automatically select contacts when their trades match the packages selected for a broadcast. Make the selection of contacts for a bid simple and fast. You reach the maximum qualified number of bidders in record time.

A view of the enhanced PlanWell Address Book:

PlanWell Address Book

PlanWell Address Book enhancements include:

Set the number of contacts per page
You can choose between 10 and 150 contacts per page to match your internet connection speed. This will make reviewing and selecting broadcast recipients much faster and easier.

Customize your views
Now create multiple views such as View by 'Contacts By Company', 'Contacts by CSI' or our 'Classic View'. You can navigate our new CSI-based view by scrolling through the contacts. Or simply jump to a particular CSI division by using the right side navigation links.

Customize your columns
From the new Options menu, select the option to 'Customize This Page'. Turn the columns on or off to ensure that you can quickly view or print the relevant information. Define your personal preferences for a default view, so that contacts are arranged in the style you require.

Fast searches with advanced filtering options
PlanWell offers you 'Expandable Filter Views' to quickly reduce a large, uncategorized contact list down to the required contact list. You don't need to wade through all of those options every time you open the address book, so the expandable filter view allows you to easily toggle between basic and advanced filter options as needed.

Improved print and export capability
Now print or export your list just as you see it on the page. Quickly whittle down your list, then print or export these results for your records. Or send out to others for final review before you launch the broadcast.

Faster uploads
Uploading your contact list is up to ten times faster than before, allowing you to be more productive in less time.

Tabbed views
Now choose to navigate your contact list with:

  • Master Address Book: All the contacts maintained by your company
  • Project Address Book: All current project participants
  • Plan Holders List: All contacts who previously received project plans
  • Groups: Quickly build and view company contacts by group
  • Selected Contacts: As you make selections from the other tabs, you can quickly review your selections in this tab
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