PlanWell Enterprise: Security

The data managed by the PlanWell system grows by gigabytes every day. And its not just any data: It’s your data. It’s information your company needs to operate effectively. It’s intellectual property that – in some cases – is more important than the building itself.

Data security is a responsibility we take very seriously. PlanWell’s Data Center in Fremont, California, houses the primary communication and administration functions for the system. It also hosts security tools, software and equipment designed to scale with usage and protection needs.

Databases of the documents are stored at the reprographer’s location and at the PlanWell Data Center. They are backed up daily in both places to removable media and stored off site. The locally hosted printable image files are also backed up regularly by your reprographer and stored offsite for safekeeping. Virtually any data loss can be restored quickly and easily.

The Data Center hosts multiple T3 and T1 lines into and out of its facilities for maximum data throughput. Automatic and redundant routing systems ensure that if the primary connection goes down, the system is immediately redirected to a redundant connection with no loss of service. Load balancing is handled through Storage Area Networks from our alliance partner, HP/Compaq, with nearly four terabytes of RAID server space and the latest Web farming and MS clustering technology. There is no single point of failure in the Data Center so you can rest assured that your information is in capable and responsible hands.